A Guided Cultural Experience  


Hokupaa means the North  Star, the immovable star. It guided ancient Polynesians to the Hawaiian Islands.
Today, Hokupaa is a guided cultural experience in training, walking tours, event planning and education.

A Hawaiian owned and managed company. 

​Our mission is to share our culture and to enrich Hawaii.

We believe that enriching Hawaii begins when we all feel that the responsibility to care for Hawaii is a privilege.

Managing Partners

Manly Kanoa describes himself in one word, hookipa. Hookipa is the Hawaiian way of hosting others that is unconditional, comes from generations of Hawaiians who were generous with their hospitality, and is unique to those of us who come from Hawaii. Manly teaches hookipa, lives it and believes in it. Hookipa is the core of his Hawaiian values.

Pamela Davis-Lee is both an idea and a can-do person who is passionate about developing programs that enrich Hawaii and its people. Pamela is all about hoohiki, once her word is given she fulfills it, keeps her promises and commitments.

Sustainability Commitment
Sharing our culture with people enables us, as stewards of our Earth, to fulfill our responsibility to connect people to our sense of place. This connection causes respect, care, and love (hoihi, aloha, malama) for our land, people, and communities. Taken to heart, these Hawaiian values, hoihi, aloha, malama, will enrich Hawaii and beyond as visitors return to their home and recount their experience relating to Hawaii sense of place.

We have chosen this path of sustainability because Hawaiians view sense of place holistically, and to minimize disconnecting the parts from the whole, our values are about the balance of taking what we need to replacing what we took. Values are universal and when we convey our sense of place in light of our values, we touch the hearts of people--reaching farther when people coming from around the world are reminded that they too live in a special place.

"We abuse land because we see it as a commodity belonging to us. When we see land as a community to which we belong, we may begin to use it with love and respect." Aldo Leopold

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